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The Basics

  • What you need to begin?

 Basically, people must be 13 or older to join Compenine.

  • Creating a new account:

You can create an account with Facebook or by entering your name, email address, password, sex, date of birth, and the verification code on the Sign Up form. Don’t forget, you must also agree to our Terms before you join.

  • Login.  

To login, click login on the top right corner to open the login dashboard. From there, you can choose to login using Facebook or you can enter your email address and password.

  • Trouble logging in.

 If you have trouble logging in, Select the (?) on the right side of the login dashboard to create a new password. Then, enter the temporary password you receive via email. You can now create a new password by entering the temporary password.

  • Create a new password.

To change your password click account at the top then click change password on the left side of the account page.


Cool Features

  • How do I add/change my profile picture?

You can add or change your profile photo by clicking the profile picture on the top left.

  • How do I add/change my header photo?

To add or change your header photo choose a photo form your photo album. Then, select make header photo on the bottom left of the photo. Scroll over the header photo to changes its position and scroll off the header photo to lock its position.

  • How do I upload a picture?

You can upload a picture by clicking on the photo icon on your profile page.

  • How can I add friends”

To add a friend, go to their profile page by clicking on their picture. Then, send a friend request by clicking add as friend under your friends profile picture. You will add a new friend when they confirm your friend request.

  • What is a VIP?  

A VIP is an athlete you want to keep up with. You can make someone a VIP by simply clicking the VIP tab under their profile picture.  By making someone a VIP you will be able to watch their results on your comp feed page, check up on their progress on your stats page, and be a member of their entourage.

  • What is the Entourage?

 The entourage represents your fan base. The entourage is comprised of people who are your fans.

  • What can I find on the Stats Page: The stats page enables you to view your progress and the progress of your VIPs.
  • How do I add My Sponsors? To add your sponsors enter their names on the account page. Add a coma between them to list them vertically.


Upload a Video

  • What’s the first step to enter a video into the competition?

For the competition, make sure your video only uses performance footage of yourself, is no longer than 3 minutes long, and is not indecent. In general, make sure it does not violate our Terms of use.

  • What happens if I use some else’s footage and represent that they are me?

If you get caught being a POSER you risk having your account TERMINATED.

  • How many videos may I submit per category?

You may only enter one video per category in the competition but you may upload additional videos to your album.

  • How do I enter a video from my Video Album into a contest?

Select the video page on the left, then click on manage videos at the top. From there, select edit to the right of the video you would like to enter. Finally, scroll down and chose the category you seek to compete in.

  • Where can I enter a video?

You can enter a video on the comp page and the video management page.

  • How do I upload a video from my computer?

Go to the video upload page and simply fill in the title, description, and video category and click continue to upload. Then, click upload to brows your files for a video.

  • How do I add a video from the web?

If you have a video on YouTube or Vimeo you can enter a video by selecting the respective logo on the video upload page. Then, fill out the title, description category and enter the videos URL ( i.e

Registering with Facebook

  • What information will Compengine submit to Facebook on my Behalf?

A submission showing you signed up for Compenine.